P-150ILAILA Type

Model P-150ILA
Capacity Ø70-150 mm
Blade Speed 30 - 125 RPM
Saw Blade Size (T : Kerf ) Ø460 x T2.7 x 2.25t mm.
Blade Motor
Hydraulic Pump Motor
15 Kw (20 HP)
3.7 Kw (5 HP)
Servo Motor Blade Feed 2KW
Bar Feed 2KW
Blade Feed
Bar Feed
Servo motor and ball screw
Automatic Feed Length  Single feed 10-700mm.
Multiple feed ~3000mm
Cooling Air compressed oil mist
Machine Weight 4900 kgs
Floor Space Machine 3100W x 2075L
With Loading Table 3100W x 7530L

* All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice.